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Advisory: VAT on ‘long stays’ revised

Members should be advised that there are changes in the recently reissued SARS GUIDE as it pertains to the wording around ‘long stays’. If a “commercial accommodation” (defined in paragraph 2.5 on page 10 of the VAT 411 guide attached) is provided by a VAT vendor to a customer or resident, for an unbroken period of […]

Travel professionals face a bright future

Once upon a time, there used to be travel agents… Hang on…stop that story right there! While travel agents the world over are sometimes described as dinosaurs, extinct and, most recently by a Business Insider report, relics of the past, those travel agents that have evolved to keep up with changing consumer demands are in […]

And that’s a wrap…

Another year… some shockers and some highlights. Of course the world of travel is never impervious to, well… the world, and what happens in it, and so 2015 has been an exceptionally challenging one, with all estimations that 2016 will be even harder. Here are some of our low and highlights! January We kicked off […]

Price increases likely, predicts Amex Forecast

Modest increases in global travel prices and a travel management environment that is coming to grips with evolving disruptors appear to be on the cards for 2016, according to the American Express Global Business Travel Forecast 2016 (the “Forecast”). The report which predicts air, hotel and ground transportation pricing trends, as well as makes related travel […]

Cheaper ain’t necessarily more cheerful…

Don’t you just hate them? Those self-entitled Generation Y whizz kids who are taking the workplace by storm and spend half their lives on their phones. It’s the generation everyone loves to hate. But if there is one important thing we can learn from them, it’s their ability to place importance on and find a […]

IATA launches Local Financial Criteria for ZA

IATA has announced proposed Local Financial Criteria (LFC) applicable to BSP South Africa; criteria that was proposed by the Agency Programme Joint Council (APJC) for BSP Southern Africa (Incorporating South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia and Botswana) and endorsed by the 38th sitting of the Passenger Agency Conference (PAConf/38). Why did it need to change? The changes […]